Every customer has his own wishes and demands, we sort, grade and pack to your specific demands.

Our assorment of yellow and Red onions
Our assortment of Onion sets
Our assortment for seed.

WHy Molnopex?

50 years of experience

For almost 50 years Molnopex B.V. has built up experience and knowledge within the onion business. We have a high engagement with onions and its market. Long term relations, quality, reliability and involvement are keywords for our company. On this basis we would like to continue, for many years to come, with you.


Certification is important, it guarantees quality, not only that is it a good looking product but also a product which can be preserved well. Molnopex focusses on the delivery of onions of good quality. We have the processes of drying, sorting of size, selection of quality all in our own facilities.

It is about You

Every customer has different wishes and demands, we select, process and pack to your specific wishes. We deliver and process from our own supplies and have control over the whole supply chain.