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Your requirements and wishes are our focus!

Every customer has its own wishes and requirements, we select, process and package according to your specific wishes. This already starts with the stock, which we keep under control ourselves, before processing the product. In this way we have control over the entire supply chain, so we offer a constant quality. We can pack in 250 grams to 25 kg, we can supply the poly bales in blank and belt bales, for example with your own brand. Big bags or loose product are also no problem at all. We even have a unique solution for carrying the bags. This allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

We take care of our product and ensure that the bales are palletized and tightly wrapped with a poly net, making the pallets stronger and easier to handle. In addition, we can also make the labels according to your wishes, own brand, barcodes, the possibilities are versatile.


Quality is important to you, not only a beautiful product that looks good, but also a product that has a long shelf life. Molnopex focuses on supplying good quality onions. We take care of drying, processing (sorting and packaging) and sales. Quality is closely monitored during all these phases, from grower to sorted delivery. Molnopex focuses on supplying class II onions, which results in a competitive price with good quality and high service. Because quality is important to us, Molnopex is therefore certified for the HACCP hygiene code for uncut fresh vegetables, RIK and SKAL. This way we guarantee the quality, so that you get what you ask for. It’s not about certification for us, but we strive to get the best out of ourselves, which is why we keep improving ourselves and our environment.

RIK stands for Internal Quality Control Regulations, which were drawn up by the KCB (Quality Control Bureau) in order to comply with European regulations regarding quality control of fruit and vegetables. SKAL is a certification related to organic products and production.

Molnopex is a participant in the Select Plant program of Naktuinbouw. This means that our first-year onion sets meet the strictest requirements. The first-year onion sets are grown on AM-free soil, the seed used for cultivation must also meet high quality requirements. In addition, the cultivation, storage and sale of the onion sets are checked by Naktuinbouw and we therefore meet the strictest requirements. This ensures a high standard quality which gives you the opportunity to grow good quality onions. We can also provide you with advice in this regard.

The background of Molnopex originated from the Gebroeders Mol concern, which was founded in 1952 in the ‘s Gravenpolder, Zeeland. After the war, the Noordoostpolder became an area where many onions are grown, which also created a demand for processors. In 1957 it was decided that the Mol Brothers should also be represented in the Noordoostpolder and Willem Mol moved to the Noordoostpolder. First the onions were processed from a farmer’s shed and in 1958 the construction of a sorting and storage shed in Emmeloord was started. Molnopex B.V. was created when Willem Mol broke away from the company Gebroeders Mol and started his own business in 1967, together with his sons Leo and Boudie Mol and son-in-law Frans van Keulen. In 1980, Willem Mol left the Molnopex company and it became wholly owned by Leo and Boudie Mol and Frans van Keulen. Molnopex has also had a forklift dealership for years, in 1998 the forklift part of Molnopex was spun off and Van Keulen Heftrucks was created. Frans van Keulen then left Molnopex and Wim Mol (son of Leo Mol) joined the company. Developments have not stood still during Molnopex’s existence. But the company is still a family business with vision, entrepreneurship and service and customer focus.

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