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Your requirements and wishes are our focus!

Every customer has its own wishes and requirements, we select, process and package according to your specific wishes. This starts with the stock, which we keep under control ourselves, before processing the product. In this way we have control over the entire supply chain, so we offer a constant quality. We can pack in 250 grams to 25 kg, we can supply the poly bales in blank and belt bales, for example with your own brand. Big bags or loose product are also no problem at all. We even have a unique solution for carrying the bags. This allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

We take care of our product and ensure that the bales are palletized and tightly wrapped with a poly net, making the pallets stronger and easier to handle. In addition, we can also make the labels according to your wishes, own brand, barcodes, the possibilities are versatile.


Packaging of onions

Onion varieties

Gele ui

Yellow onion

The yellow onion is the most common and gets its name from the golden yellow skin. The flesh of the onion is white and firm and the onion has a spicy taste. The yellow onion is very versatile and can be used raw, fried or stewed. The yellow onion is also widely used in the food industry, for vegetable packages and sauces, but also for onion powder.

Roze Ui

pink onion

The pink onion is not yet very well known in Europe, while it is the most widely grown onion worldwide. The Pink onion we have has a sweet taste, followed by a spicy taste, making it ideal for salads, game, pastas, etc.

Rode ui

Red onion

The red onion has a deep red (purple) skin and the flesh of the red onion is light red with white. As a result, the red onion is often used decoratively in salads, for example. The red onion from the Netherlands has a slightly less sharp taste than the yellow onion. This makes the red onion ideal for game, stews, barbecue marinades and Antillean and Surinamese dishes.

We can also offer Organic onions, please contact us for availability.

As indicated earlier, we can package these for you in many ways. We can pack the onions from 100 grams to 25 kg, big bags are also an option. Would you prefer it loose, no problem. The bags in which we can supply the onions are polybales, blank and belt bales. We even have a unique solution for carrying the bags.

Freshmen Onion sets

A small part of the acreage of onions grown is seed onions. This is a biennial crop; in the first year the onion set is grown, which in the second year is planned and grows into a consumption onion. The advantage of the leg/onion sets is that they need less time to mature in the second year. As a result, onion sets can be grown under more difficult conditions than onions from seed. This makes onion sets ideal for conditions with a shorter summer or a colder climate.

Molnopex is a participant in the Select Plant program of Naktuinbouw. This means that our first-year onion sets meet the strictest requirements. The first-year onion sets are grown on AM-free soil, the seed used for cultivation must also meet high quality requirements. In addition, the cultivation, storage and sale of the onion sets are checked by Naktuinbouw and we therefore meet the strictest requirements. This ensures a high standard quality which gives you the opportunity to grow good quality onions. We can also provide you with advice in this regard.

The background of Molnopex originated from the Gebroeders Mol concern, which was founded in 1952 in the ‘s Gravenpolder, Zeeland. After the war, the Noordoostpolder became an area where many onions are grown, which also created a demand for processors. In 1957 it was decided that the Mol Brothers should also be represented in the Noordoostpolder and Willem Mol moved to the Noordoostpolder. First the onions were processed from a farmer’s shed and in 1958 the construction of a sorting and storage shed in Emmeloord was started. Molnopex B.V. was created when Willem Mol broke away from the company Gebroeders Mol and started his own business in 1967, together with his sons Leo and Boudie Mol and son-in-law Frans van Keulen. In 1980, Willem Mol left the Molnopex company and it became wholly owned by Leo and Boudie Mol and Frans van Keulen. Molnopex has also had a forklift dealership for years, in 1998 the forklift part of Molnopex was spun off and Van Keulen Heftrucks was created. Frans van Keulen then left Molnopex and Wim Mol (son of Leo Mol) joined the company. Developments have not stood still during Molnopex’s existence. But the company is still a family business with vision, entrepreneurship and service and customer focus.

We can offer you different varieties and colors of first-year onion sets:

Molnopex B.V. was selected in 2016 for the National Business Success Award 2016. We became industry winner in the industry for seeds, seed potatoes and legumes. We are very happy with the honor and we hope to win the final. We would like to ask you to vote for us soon! Because we have become an industry winner, we have been in the media in various ways, in the AD, on the radio, various magazines and television. We were featured in the RTL 7 program ‘De Succesfactor/Succesvol Nederland’. If you haven’t seen it on our homepage, you can watch the video again.