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For almost 50 years Molnopex B.V. has built up experience and knowledge within the onion business. We have a high engagement with onions and its market. Long term relations, quality, reliability and involvement are keywords for our company. On this basis we would like to continue, for many years to come, with you.


History Molnopex B.V.

Molnopex emerged from the Gebroeders Mol company (Mol Brothers Company) which was founded in ‘s Gravenpolder, Zeeland, in 1952. After the Second World War the Noordoostpolder became an area in which many onions were cultivated, therefore also a demand for processing. In 1957, the Gebroeders Mol company decided that representation was necessary in the Noordoostpolder and Willem Mol moved to the Noordoostpolder. In the beginning the onions were processed from a barn at a farm, and in 1958 the building of a wharehouse in Emmeloord started. Molnopex B.V. was founded when Willem Mol started to operate for himself in 1967, Together with his sons Leo and Boudie Mol and his son in law Frans van Keulen. In 1980 Willem Mol left the company and Leo and Boudie Mol and Frans van Keulen continued. For many years Molnopex B.V. also had a dealership for forklift trucks.

In 1998 the forklift truck business was separated and Frans van Keulen started Van Keulen Heftrucks. In 1998 Wim Mol (son of Leo Mol) became active in the company. In the existence of Molnopex there have been many developments. But the company is still a family run business with vision, entrepeneurship and service and customerfocus.


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