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Common or Yellow onion; The yellow onion is the most common and the name is derived from the yellow skin. The meat of the yellow onion is white and firm and has a pungent taste. The yellow onion is very versitaile and can be use raw, baked or stewed. The yellow onion is also used in the food industry for ready to cook vegetable packs, sauces but also for onion powder.


Red onion; The red onion has a deep red (purple) skin and the meat is white with light red. This makes the red onion perfect for decorative usage, for instance in a salad. The red onion is less pungent than the yellow onion. Therefore it can also be used very good with game, stews, barbecue marinades and in Caribbean dishes.


Pink onion; The Pink onion is not yet very familiar in Europe, even though this is worldwide the most cultivated onion. The Pink onion we offer is first sweet of taste after which a pungent taste follows. This makes the onion ideal for salads, game, pasta´s etc.

Standard size sorting yellow and red onions:

  • 35/50 mm
  • 40/60 mm
  • 45/65 mm
  • 50/70 mm
  • 60/80 mm
  • 65/85 mm
  • 70/90 mm
  • 75/105 mm
  • 80/110 mm

We can pack onions from 100 grams up to 25 kg, also big bags and bulk product on a trailer are possible.

The bags we can deliver the onions in are poly mesh bags, blank or in brand bags, with for example your own brand. We even have a unique solution for carrying the bags.


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